Supplement For Hair Loss

Hair Loss Not Related To Male Pattern Baldness Often Reverses Itself

Most hair loss supplements don’t explain much about hair loss other than saying male pattern baldness is the culprit. Men have been conditioned to expect male pattern baldness, but never accept it since hair loss represents aging and a lack of virility.

Most men don’t realize it, but ninety-five percent of all hair loss is caused by under developed cells in the hair follicle due to genetic programming. The other five percent is caused by medications, smoking, and disease. The dramatic shedding of hair is known as telogen effluvium. That condition can be reversed once the cause is identified and treated.

Preventing hair loss is an important strategy because replacing it is always a challenge even when a supplement for hair loss has a proven track record. A large number of men try Minoxidil since it can increase blood and oxygen flow to the hair follicles and that stimulates hair growth, but Minoxidil doesn’t work for all men with male pattern baldness symptoms. There is no way to cure male pattern baldness, but the symptoms can be slowed down when an effective supplement for hair loss is used daily.

The Tell-Tale Sign Of Male Pattern Baldness Is the Horseshoe Shaped Hair Design

Some men make fortunes by taking advantage of their horseshoe shaped hair design. Actors as well as politicians use their lack of hair as an asset and that mindset has landed them juicy roles and political prominence. There is a certain mark of distinction that comes with hair loss, but most men consider that mark a liability rather than an asset.

There are different degrees when it comes to that horseshoe design so a scale is used to rate the progress of male pattern baldness. An effective supplement for hair loss will curtain that progress when it’s used daily.

The big question most men ask is what supplement for hair loss can stop the progress without causing side effects, and the answer is Procerin. Procerin is formulated to with all natural ingredients that block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which damages hair follicles.

DHT is a product of testosterone production. When DHT is present in the follicle hair falls out, and the follicle goes into the dormant stage prematurely. Procerin combines tablets with a foam so internal as well as external factors are addressed at the same time.

For more information about male pattern baldness as well as rapid hair loss visit: Procerin is designed for men of all ages. Men between the ages of 18 and 29 will see amazing results when this supplement for hair loss is used daily, and men over the age of thirty can also expect excellent results as well as long as the hair loss is not related to untreated medical conditions.