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Underdeveloped Stem Cell May Cause Male Pattern Baldness

New research suggests that a defect in the conversion of stem cells to progenitor cells may be the underlying cause of androgenetic alopecia (ADA). A natural hair loss supplement should be formulated to help stimulate those cells.

Stem cells are blank slates in the cellular world. They form the foundation for all cell specialization. Progenitor cells are the next step in cell development. Hair follicles contain progenitor cells, and when follicles shrink in size due to preprogrammed male pattern baldness, progenitor cells decrease and baldness develops.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published the results of this study, and those findings are changing the way natural hair loss supplements are formulated. In the study, bald scalp samples had less progenitor cells. The difference in the amount of these cells hindered normal hair follicle development.

The University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine released a report that indicated the genetic defect associated with ADA is the inability of stem cells to convert to progenitor cells. This study is still in the early stages, but if these results are confirmed new natural hair loss supplements will be available to help cells convert in the normal hair growth cycle.

Male Pattern Baldness Is A Common Problem That Impacts Millions of Men

Some studies say that eighty-five percent of all men experience thinning hair before the age of fifty. Twenty percent of those men begin to lose a considerable amount of hair before they turn twenty-one.

Excessive combing doesn’t cause hair loss, and wearing a baseball cap doesn’t have any impact on hair loss, but smoking does enhance male pattern baldness in some men. Early hair loss and smoking are related according to recent reports on smoking and its side effects.

Hair loss doesn’t signal a medical problem, but it does create some stress for men who lose their hair in their twenties. One natural hair loss supplement is formulated to stimulate hair growth in men between the ages of 18 and 29, and it has grown in popularity because the results have been so positive.

Procerin is an all natural hair loss supplement that interacts with hormones so the follicles are not damaged by preprogrammed genetic coding. The ingredients in Procerin formula are proven minerals and natural chemicals that have a proven track record when it comes to stimulating hair follicles. Procerin helps follicles return to the normal growth cycle.

Procerin’s two step approach to male pattern baldness combines ingredients like zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6 with saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba and other natural herbs. The tablets as well as the foam stimulate hair follicles so new growth is possible. For more information about the ingredients in this natural hair loss supplement visit: