Best Supplement To Fight Hair Loss

Hair Loss Can Be A Life Changing Experience

Hair loss is not a selective process. The hair follicles are composed of cells that function according to a genetic map that was printed long before birth. This genetic map does have flaws due to stem cell development as well as nutritional and psychological habits and tendencies.

Ninety percent of the hair on the scalp is growing at any given time, and ten percent is in the resting stage. That cycle continues throughout life, but there are issues that disrupt the cycle and hair loss increases.

The typical human loses about 100 hairs per day when the cycle is operating normally, but when an illness, disease, or hormonal change occurs that number can increase substantially. The best supplement to fight hair loss may not be enough protection if the cells in the follicles have been damaged permanently.

Permanent follicle damage can be a life changing experiences, especially when the damage occurs early in life. Twenty percent of men between the ages of 18 and 29 need the best supplement to fight hair loss to bring the follicles back into the normal growth cycle, especially when androgen and estrogen hormones impact the follicles and hair loss increases.

Hormones play an essential role in extensive hair loss, but hormone secretion can be controlled when the best supplement to fight hair loss is part of a daily regime. The best supplement to fight hair loss is formulated with essential minerals and natural chemicals that interact with hormones so follicles can return to the growing stage.

The Best Supplement To Fight Hair Loss Takes A Two-Step Approach

Based on past history and current hair loss reports, Procerin is the best supplement to fight hair loss. The ingredients in the Procerin formula interact with DHT, which is a by-product of testosterone. They block DHT before the follicles are damaged permanently.

Procerin also uses a topical foam in its hair loss strategy. The foam cleans and conditions the scalp so the hair follicle openings are free from the minute debris that blocks them.

The ingredients in Procerin pack a one-two punch, which means they enter the bloodstream, and immediately interact with hormones on the physical as well as mental level. Even though the ingredients start to revitalize hair follicles immediately, actual visual results may not be obvious for weeks or even months.

Most hair loss sufferers understand how Procerin works so they make it part of their daily routine for at least six months. When the results are visible most Procerin users continue to use the foam and the tablets to keep the follicles healthy. For more information about how to fight hair loss visit: