Best Hair Loss Supplement

Hair Loss Is Natural in the Normal Hair Growth Cycle

Most men don’t realize it, but they lose over hundred hairs a day during the normal hair growth cycle. Each hair will stay in the follicle for about 4 ½ years during that cycle and will grow about a ½ inch a month.

During the fifth year the hair falls out, and it’s replaced by a new one when the hair cycle is functioning normally. The best hair loss supplement will treat the hair loss as a genetic condition rather than a medical condition that produces rapid and excessive hair loss.

Excessive hair loss is not usually caused by disease in men between the ages of 18 and 29. Most men experience thinning hair as the body ages. Heredity, testosterone, and aging produce hormonal changes so by the age of thirty, twenty-five percent of men have thinning hair. By the age of sixty, sixty-six percent of men are bald or have very thin hair.

Male pattern baldness impacts the lives of millions of men. Hair is a symbol of power, beauty, and virility and when those perceived characteristics fade, life becomes an undesirable event for some men. That’s why there are so many best hair loss supplement claims in the hair industry.

Most supplements are marketed as cosmetic wonders that bring back the feelings and the desires of youth, but most of these wonder supplements are not formulated to stop the preprogrammed androgenetic alopecia that changes perceptions about self worth.

Testosterone, Medications, and Disease Disrupt The Growing Cycle

Men that don’t produce testosterone usually don’t lose their hair, but there are several medications and diseases that will produce rapid hair. That hair loss is not considered androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness; other medical names describe that condition.

Even the best hair loss supplement will not stop hair loss caused by disease or medications. The cause must be identified and treated before the best hair loss supplement is used to stimulate new hair growth.

The best hair loss supplement on the market is Procerin. Procerin is available without a prescription. Men use it daily so side effects are not an issue. Most men continue to use it for months after they experience new hair growth in order to stimulate as well as clean hair follicles.

Procerin is considered the best hair loss supplement because it contains the essential vitamins and natural chemicals that interact with human hormones. The topical foam is the perfect external solution; it cleans and invigorates the follicles so hair can grow unabated. When Procerin tablets are combined with the foam, and used for at least six months new hair growth is assured. Procerin guarantees it.

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