Hair Loss Supplement

Hair Loss Is Due To Evolutionary Variations

Some biologists that study the nature of hair loss claim that humans have been losing hair for thousands of years because of evolutionary changes brought on by genetic adjustments to external conditions.

In other words, body functions like sweating and sexual nuances have gradually changed human genes so less hair is produced all over the body. An ancient hair loss supplement was the ultra-violet rays of the sun, which produces excessive sweating on a hair covered human. That scenario produced a gradual alteration of genetic material.

Those scientific facts may not mean much to a young man who has symptoms of male pattern baldness. Men who are going bald before the age of thirty aren’t concerned with how their ancestors felt about hair and hair loss; they only want to change what seems to be the unchangeable motion of androgenetic alopecia. Ineffective ingredients in a hair loss supplement can just empty their pockets so men tend to try one hair loss supplement after another.

Recent research shows that excessive hair loss around the temples and on the crown of the head are the results of hormonal changes, which are activated by preprogrammed genetic codes. When testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hair follicles go into the dormant stage of the hair cycle, and hair falls out prematurely.

Rogaine is the hair loss supplement that gets the most press because it contains Minoxidil, which increase blood and oxygen flow in and out of the heart. When more blood and oxygen reach hair follicles they may return to the active stage of hair growth, but not everyone experiences the results they expect from Minoxidil.

One Natural Formula Block DHT Production

The hair growth cycle is a complex system that changes as the cells change. One hair loss supplement that addresses these complex changes is Procerin. Procerin contains all natural ingredients like vitamin B-6, zinc sulfate, magnesium, and herbs like ginkgo biloba and saw palmetto that interact with hormone secretion. The ingredients in Procerin block DHT production so the follicles can return to the active stage in the hair cycle.

Procerin uses a two step approach to hair follicle disturbances that produce excessive hair loss. The natural ingredients are combined in tablet form, and topical foam is used to treat the scalp externally. When the foam is combined with the tablet, the body responds by gradually activating more hair follicles. The hair cycle operates slowly so it usually takes a couple of months to see any visible change.

People that use Procerin everyday say that new hair begins to grow within six months. There are no side effects and Procerin is available without a prescription. For more information about the ingredients in Procerin visit: